MODULE 1-eJournal EDS-103 “FIRST STEP”

This e Journal is entitled “FIRST STEP”.

In my previous eJournal I tackled regarding “MOVING ON”.  Now I proceed to the First step of the Module. The Module 1-Theories of Learning.  Learning is my First Step. But the question is, Do I learned? Yes,  why not? Because I’m already an adult. But I’ve not yet been matured. I’m still young. I’m still in the process of learning. No one an adult not experience of being childhood. No one born directly became an adult. All of us came from childhood. Pass through a childhood.In our childhood we did not know anything. We need our parents to teach us for us to learn. Except if we are gifted. God given gift. No need to teach but just to guide what the child knows. When we grow up we have different attributes and virtues acquired in different environments. We have different behavior. But the Question is “ How deep or high our learning? ”.

When I answered the  Informal survey informal conceptions about learning and craft a personal definition. My first answer of the definition of Learning in one word is “Behavior”. Since I belong to Baranggay Skinner, my personal definition is “Change of Behavior”. Because what I think is the comparison of the change of the  Skin of a snake. The period which the snake changes their skin. That was their behavior. In like manner, In learning, there is learning if there is a change of behavior. It’s a matter of self-behavior. Such as, The capacity of adaptation of environment, mine, willingness, interest, set goals, culture and health affects learning behavior of a person. I cannot learn if I am sick, I cannot learn if don’t have an interest and willingness, if I am close of learning new things, and discouraging to attain my set goals as well. People learn better than I and I better than others because we have different aspect of behavior. So its depend on our behavior.

We know if a person has successfully learned because there is a change of behavior. From shy type person to increasing of self- esteem.Became very careful and cautious. There is awareness of How, Where, Why and When before proceeding. “Learning is an enduring change in behavior, or in the capacity to behave in a given fashion, which results from practice or other forms of experience” (Schunk, 2012, p. 3).

What I suggest a “fairer definition” of learning and academic achievement is that Learning is in step by step process.  There is first a research conducted by teacher in classroom.(Cited text Plano Clark & Creswell (2010). Second, the data collected will be classified according to their way of behavior.  And Third, Summarizing and Interpreting individual capacity in order to assess and  to know  different approach to teaching  of the group of the student. Santrock (2011, p.22

Christa McAuliff e’s quote: “I touch the future. I teach.” Yes, I agree, the future depends what the teacher teach to the student. Almost of the student relies on the teaching of a teacher. That’s  the teacher that  I wanted to become, A teacher that can touch the future. Positively, there is a future if there is excellent and quality teaching. Strenghts that I have is through spiritual ego, way of encouragement,uplifting the standard and motivation. A characteristic such as Adaptability, hard working, flexible, optimistic, persistence, and self motivated. Potential weakness might need to overcome such as straightforward, Impatient, Sensitive, more talkative, Trust people very quickly,To speak lie is very difficult for me.(In reference Yotube Top10 interview Questions).

From what I have experienced in this introductory module, what do I anticipate for the rest of the term is more constitution of learning.Learning and teaching practice may be optimized.The course will much learning in the preceeding. I am interested to investigate about the Strike made of Teachers in the Philippines previous month.

My hypothesis is that not all teachers learned about how effective teaching is. I think  the appropriate research method is to conduct a research of How high and deep  the teachers learned about being a professional in my community. 

Vocabulary I learned: Perspective: point of view; correlation & cognitive; synthesizing-new or modification of knowledge; rationalism-reason & knowledge only and empiricism-knowledge is derive from sense experience.


2 thoughts on “MODULE 1-eJournal EDS-103 “FIRST STEP”

  1. Hi Joram!

    That’s a good hypothesis you got there. It can be used to evaluate teachers for promotion and to know every faculty’s capacity. It could help to know the teachers’ strengths, weaknesses and to aid in identifying their needs. It was also wonderful how you were able to connect the step by step process of learning to educational research or a simple gathering of data by the teachers in order to know the students learning styles which are important to match the appropriate teaching style for the diverse learners in the classroom. Thanks for sharing us your thoughts.


    1. Hello krishnapamelabermudez,

      Good day,

      How are you? Hope you’ll find. I’m so glad when I see your comments. It’s good to know that you were able to come up with such thought. “Evaluation of Teachers Promotion”; “knows faculty’s capacity, strengths and weaknesses,” Aid in Identifying teachers need. And Step by Step gathering of data to know that teachers and student interact each other and most of all “know the students’ learning styles which are important to match the appropriate teaching style for the diverse learners in the classroom”.

      Now, I realize that it is better to overlap with the side of the learners (student-centered), rather than in the side of the teacher (Teacher- centered) because at the end the evaluation, if for the student grows. Anyway, its depending on the curriculum implemented. But I suggest to have a multiple intelligent development of every learner rather than focusing on grades.

      Thank you so much for reading and commenting my post. I really appreciated it. Till next time then. Take good care and stay safe.

      Thanks and Best regards,



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