Teacher Professionalism

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Before reading the textbook provided, my idea of teacher Professionalism is an Ethical Standard of human being.  A kind of character which involves good behavior, good morale and conduct. A person of highest dignity and honor. A person who successfully passes Professional Regulation Commission. A role model, knows how to balance the situation, how to control emotion when there are hyper problematical. “Di makabasag pinggan pag naglakad”. Straight body. Breast Out, forehead up, Speak mild and gently. Always straight body when about to set. Always wearing iron dress. Always shine shoes. Always toothbrush and comb hair. The living area of the house is always clean. The kitchen and the room are always cleaning too. So meaning living in the highest standard of virtues and attributes.     As I compare or contrast with the traditional definition or the normative notion of teacher professionalism and the more recent democratic professionalism, by Whitty & Wisby there are similarities, but Whitty & Wisbby defined in broad definition, based on the history from the past where the professionalism originated until became teacher autonomy and democratic professionalism. Whereas for me, base on specific and real observation of today’s Professional life.   After studying the resources in Module 2, my definition of teacher professionalism changed. It changes from shallow or superficial to clear and deep definition of Professionalism. It becomes higher, clearer and lighter than before. Professionalism now for me is a noble person, strictly adhered to, observe, and practice this set of ethical and moral principles, standards, and values. (Code of Ethics Preamble). My definition now is exact and impact rather than in my previous definition.  My definition now is, In accordance with Code of Ethics, pursuant to the provision of Republic Act. Before being just my store knowledge and in my observation.

By providing and characterizing a deep thought of the question “Who am I? and who are you?” This is what I am. Through my teaching, the way I teach  it reflected me who am I. “What you teach is what you are”. “I am what I am”. So it is very significant in professionalism in teaching because through reflective practice it doctrinaire me, the way I behave. It becomes my controlling vision.

The connection between quality and performance-SIGNIFICANT of Professionalism in teaching by determining the differentiation of “good and bad”, “poor and excellence”, assessment and evaluation, and policy and procedure as well system and organization. Quality and performance is significant in professionalism in teaching because through Quality and performance  the education would become more competent, The teaching of the teachers would become highly respected and globally adapted. interpret and act on the evidence of the effects of their practice (e.g. examination results or diagnostic tests results) there is a disconnection between quality and performance.

Achieved through the collective establishment of widely recognized rules of good service and standards for admission to practice, which enables professional bodies to exercise discretion over professional conduct in the workplace and to remove professionals from a profession’s register for conduct unbecoming to a particular.

Theorizing practices significant in professionalism in teaching In order to fully understand the deeper concept of professionalism in teaching. The practice of theory is very significant in teaching professionalism because it is the application in actual shown by the immortal eyes. The goal way of expression and not in subjective way. Without practice in theory or vice versa professionalism in teaching useless and void. Theorising expands “the coherence of … ideas and the breadth and depth of … interpretations and explanations” (Anyon, 2009, p. 9). In addition, there is an interactive relationship between data/practice and theory, each one “involving and invoking the other” (Anyon, 2009, p. 5).

Professional Teacher in the Philippines is highly competent in the other country.

I cannot relate as of now, because I’m not a teacher yet. But base on my observation, course development and professionalism in other country is highly commendable. I mean I saw a Filipino teacher in Universities and colleges abroad. Teachers abroad are competent. But here in the Philippines, previous month I saw the strike made by teachers. What happened here in the Philippines is that teachers are competent professional,  but salary wise I can say unprofessional?

Reference: Author: Jeanne Gamble; (Dika and Singh, 2002); (Anyon, 2009, p. 5); Supplement note Module 2-Teacher Professionalism by Prof. Roja Rivera


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