THE DUPLICATORS of Human Behavior

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“If other’s can do, why can’t I?”  This is what l always says every time I experience struggling.  There’s a strong belief that someday, I made a duplication to those people whom I want to be. In short, I wanted also the same with them. I wanted to learn and behave as what how they learn and behave.

As humans, we are constantly learning. We learn in a number of different ways. We adapt and process information about everything in our world from communication, from television, from the internet; even Facebook shapes the way we learn! One of the ways in which we learn is by observing others. Albert Bandura’s Social Learning Theory suggests that people learn from one another via observation, imitation, and modeling. (Hollie Hancock (

In imitation, there should be an awareness that it resulted into positive and negative impact. Not all imitators have a good effect on himself. It should be noted that there’s an intelligent selection of what you wanted to be imitated. We have to be wise also that we imitate behaviors, those behaviors who can lead  to achieving our goals.   Especially nowadays, the children are being exposed to television, movies, video games, and other media. We have to strictly guard the children not to expose in a bad influence that can turn into failures in their future. Children have the intense to imitate what they saw. If they saw bad effect, there’s a tendency also to effect a bad influence that can harm their behavior. Not only of himself will be affected, but also in the whole community and society.

Teachers have a big role and influence that can change the behavior of the adolescent and young minds. In this world we cannot avoid  the “good and evil” “right and wrong” practices of some of our students. That’s why teacher is the most role model in the world. The best Mentor and most behave in the world.

The behavior that most important for learners to acquire is to gain self-efficacy. High level of self-Efficacy have a positive effect on behavior management as well as academic and achievement. A behavior that can produce a  positive result in determining how the way to be succeeded. The higher the sense of efficacy, the greater the effort, persistence, and resilience. It’s depend on the degree of beliefs and solid experience to determine the success. The lower self-efficacy is the lower the chance to develop an ability that influence one person.  One way to raise self-efficacy beliefs is to improve physical and emotional well-being and reduce negative emotional states. Because individuals have the capability to alter their own thinking and feeling, enhanced self-efficacy beliefs can, in turn, powerfully influence the physiological states themselves.

Although, our  individual’s behavior influences and is influenced by both the social world and personal characteristics. All three systems(behavior,environment, and characteristic)  interact with each other; therefore, a change in one will influence the others as well. Reciprocal determinism indicates that people do have a say in their future, because of reciprocal interactions.” Some scenario below of how the reciprocal interaction goes through.

The teacher with character demonstrates the integrity is a prize position. Served as a role model for telling the truth, respecting others, accepting and fulfilling responsibilities, playing fair, earning and returning trust, and living a moral life. Model the importance of engaging of a lifelong quest to do the harder right, rather than the easier wrong. Teach the students that individual makes morally principled decision through the moral reasoning process. Helps the student knows what their values are. Integrity, honesty, trust, fairness, respect, and responsibility should characterize teachers in their relationship with the student. Teachers with character deal honestly with a student in a trustworthy manner, nurture in a mutual trust and respect with and among student, treat others respectfully by believing the inherent dignity of every person, and execute their responsibilities in morally accountable ways. Society is best served when teachers teach and model, and student develop character and moral virtues.  Providing a “real world” classroom scenario below:

A. ) For example: “Girlish behavior” of a man. The man lives in an environment that majority is a girl. All are girl except the father and the son (man). The son acts like a girl, because what he sees always since his birth is like a girl habit. The way he speaks, acts like a soft gesture and movement. At age of 15, the son was transferred in another environment. Environment for all boys. He enrolled in the military academy, and then after 5 years of training, when he comes back in their place He changed his behavior. He acts as a man. He became hardy, strong and brave man.

B.) One of the student experience bullying from his classmate. His classmate is a member of the fraternity. Every time the student refuse what his classmates wants, His classmate beat and kick him. At the time that this student enter into fraternity and became a member, he himself beat and kick in the new guy that wants to enter the fraternity.

C.) Judgmental behavior. At the beginning of the class, there is a cleft palate girl. She is not the  shy type. She is a positive girl despite of her defect. Because she is immune already that people around her judged her according to her defect. She is friendly, and wants to make friends with all her classmates around her. But her classmates don’t want to make friends with her, because she is different among from her classmates. One day, there’s one new guy, a new transfer from another place, who became friend with this cleft palate girl. Every time the classmates misjudge or quirking and jesting with  her, He defended by a convincing word, getting verbal encouragement, by persuading a conversation “that people have no right to judge”. Despite of her defect people should have respect with her, the same respect we show to others. ‘Who we are to judge”. We are the same race of humankind. ‘Do not do unto other, what do you not want others do unto you.” Starting at that time the whole classroom, respected each other.

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That’s why , It is very important to have a role model and mentor in our life. Through them, we’re guided into true human until we know who we are.Were just  duplicating from them.Below are the Models and Mentors in my life:

Models and Mentors in My Life link(Just click this link for viewing purposes).

In closing this journey, I would like to ask, Will you be an Imitator? Or You’re just a role Model.


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