Introduction to eJourney _EDS 111


This eJournal is entitled “MOVING ON.”

Firstly, I would say, that online learning is a big help for me as a student of UPOU because I was able to move on from stuck up situation. Meaning, Stuck –up from my work of being full-time  without squeezing or dispensing of knowledge of everyday living. My whole life occupied totally on work and in the family.  Almost eleven years that I didn’t go back to school after graduation. Focus on work after then. My mine is in the state of corrosion perhaps. Presently, I’m just being adjusted my environment, and people around me. I just arrived from Saudi Arabia one month ago after four years of thorough grating. Now I’m so happy for this UPOU online education, it’s an opportunity for me to have another chapter in my journey and virtual experience that my entire life will revive in a way of being an educator.

What reflected me in an online learning is I learned how to work self-research, self-diligent, self-discipline and self-motivation. In short, I learn to be responsible in my own learning. Somehow, there’s already a direction or a sketch of my daily routine schedule. It makes me busy. Before after work I’m going to watch T.V., hangout and any other useless leisure. I felt about being no direction, emptiness, and dry.

Now I’m thankful that there was a new knowledge I gain, about WordPress. Creating blogs in the website. More vocabulary about plagiarism and proper Netiquette and Etiquette of being online user.  My role now as a student is to follow proper etiquette of an online guidelines of the course. To give constructive feedback rather that destructive feedback. Before, such things remain shallow and unclear in my mine. I thought in an internet web and online course, there’s no etiquette because I expect freedom of expression in any media outlet.

So now, freedom of expression is not absolute. Though we are free to post any write ups, comments, blog and videos, but is in the proper netiquette of online conduct.

Speaking of conduct, I try to answer the questionnaires/tests to have a better understanding of myself as a learner: It enhancing my strengths and working out my weaknesses is gaining self-knowledge and awareness. (Credit statement to Prof. Roja pg. 6 of Introduction Module)

  1. STUDY SKILLS INVENTORY Skills Inventory Test link

The Inventory results show that I need improvement in those areas below the benchmark. The textbook and note taking section.  The score is 17-20 and 30-30 respectively. The rest is above benchmark (Memory, Test prep., Concentration, and Time management).

  1. Self-Regulation Questionnaire (SRQ): SelfRegulation Questionnaire (SRQ) WITH ANSWERresult of SRQ

The interpretation of SRQ total scores with the 63-item scale:

  1. 239 High (intact) self-regulation capacity (top quartile)
  2. 214-238 Intermediate (moderate) self-regulation capacity (middle quartiles)
  3. 213 Low (impaired) self-regulation capacity (bottom quartile)

The result of my SRQ is 214, so meaning I belong in the intermediate (moderate) self-regulation capacity (middle quartiles).

  1. Time Management Skills Test   Time Management Skills Test with answer1Time Management Skills Test with answer1

The result shows that my total score is 48.  So I belong to the bracket of Good time Manager.

Scoring key:

25 – 40 = Excellent time manager

41 – 55 = Good time manager

56 – 100 = Poor time manager

Anyhow, whatever the result is, is just only a test theory. The important is the practical. The actual is the real test. What then if the result is excellent, but in actual circumstances is not match. It should be both work on in theory and actual. For me to further enhance my skills in studying and learning is to follow what is right.

The changes that I will do to make this possible is to accept changes openly and wholeheartedly. No murmurings and reasoning. Just do it with analytical, discipline and thorough understanding. As I go long in a long run it’s hard to say without work. I am just in the beginning. I don’t know about tomorrow. Let tomorrow problem for itself. This is the only way that I can move on to the next step.

In conclusion, my pledge of commitment for this course is to help by teaching also what I gain from UPOU. To actively participate and to contribute insights with dignity and enthusiasm. “To be shining examples to others; as persons of depths and character, integrity, hard work, and discipline.” To follow the mission vision of UPOU community. In God I trust. To God be the glory…

Introduction of e Journal